quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2015

Small update !

Finally trying hard to get a musical project to life, also still very lost from times to times, I guess some smiles leave bigger holes than others.

domingo, 27 de setembro de 2015

The monetization of love

Love is now a coin, power
It is not a feeling anymore
It is a stock in the market of life
A buy and sell interaction at the frivolity  on to which  society has told us to act upon
It is to buy on the instance of pleasure and fast enrichment of the passion
And to sell on the first hardship it encounters though as little as it may be
Love is no longer something to build
It is now a product, pre-made, microwave ready
Consume and throw it away
The beauty of building is lost
Maybe that is why the value of things hand made is so low compared to that of  mass production
We have lost the ability to built things by ourselves
But love
Love is nature
And if nature can crack the cement poured on top of it
Then Love
Love can certainly tip this monopolized market of fast satisfaction
For the price to pay upon its failure would strip us of what makes us human
Our kindness

quarta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2015


"The worse words that exist are those untold, unspoken, they are ghosts that will haunt us forever"
—  The Demigod

terça-feira, 25 de agosto de 2015


"I have died a thousand life's for your smile.
And you have lived forever with mine"

- The Demigod

terça-feira, 28 de julho de 2015


Wouldn't it be great if loneliness left me alone, there is no heartbeat for it to silence anymore !

domingo, 12 de julho de 2015

So this is life !

Some things just became so weird, here I am having such a nice day, and then pufff, down you go, happiness has become a frail thing. These last two years kind of destroyed me, “kind of” is an euphemism, they actually destroyed me. It has become increasingly hard to keep an upbeat conversation or make  that fake smile you put on so people wont ask  anything.

Depression knocks on my door again, and I am tired of being there to open the door.

terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2015

Wolf King

There is someone inside the wolf, and it is me, as much as the wolf is inside of me as well.
Today as I took a bath, this familiar feeling came to me, it is him inside, watching my own body, asking how can this be, how can he be inside of this prison made of flesh.
It is hard to recognise this body as being mine, maybe it is time to set him free again, maybe it is time to free myself again.
I feel warmth again, inside, in the soul. I can see now how things move, I can feel it in the air.
I am inside the wolf

- The tale of Harald the wolf king

quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2015

New stuff

Guess I'm back at writing, not my best, but a start !

"People sometimes can be very sad beings, wanting respect and equality but only to them, not from them towards another, saying one thing and doing another...people, oh you people, sad sad things. The more you think you are human, the lesser you are" - The Stone Throne, a tale of Demigods and Sorceresses

quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2015

Desabafo matinal !

Bom dia ataques de pânico matinais, obrigado por me fazerem lembrar que tenho um coração que sente, não senti grande falta vossa admito mas sei que agora já vai tarde e tão depressa não me vão largar.

Sinceramente a vida é demasiado complicada para a minha pessoa, já vem de longe o pensamento que que não faço cá muito.