domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2011

A hard reality !

"Past the clouds, up in the mountains, shrouded on the withering cold, sitting on a throne of stone, you will find me, with a dragon on my right, a wolf at my feet, and a never ending hunger for the arrival of my priestess. This hunger consumes me, this hunger makes me cold, it makes me more of myself and what an unfortunate event that is towards you humanity, pray then , that her arrival is to be soon"  Chronicles of the Demigod

segunda-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2011

Frio !

Frio maldito este que me recorda de quem já cá não anda, o quanto calor te dei eu!
Quero o outro frio, o frio seco do norte, quero a fogueira e o abrigo, a lua e as estrelas e ao fundo o uivar dos lobos.
Quero-me debruçar no leito do rio em noite de lua cheia e ver o verdadeiro eu refletido na água, sem amarras, solto onde pertenço.
Sou animal sem luz, sou rei e senhor deste reino de pedra, desalmado e queimado, onde os mortos segredam ao ouvido o que não disseram em vida, e os vivos,esses, perdem-se nestes olhos, janelas para um abismo infinito de loucura e angústia a que chamo de minha alma !

quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2011

Where is my desire ?

Its profanity and sin that make the sorrow of this decaying body. All this time words of peace and serenity , where inside ruled war and insanity. So why not let it go outside to play, life is so much more fun with war and pestilence on the air. Smell it , enjoy it humanity, its deeper in you then you might think.

Humanity, such a ...confusing word, ensorcelled in a mist of purity and disgrace, where boundaries are constantly broken, there is nothing left of human in this humanity of yours, words, only powerless words compose your poisonous tongue my dear death, my priestess of mars, poison me and let me rot forever beneath the silver moon of this realm of mine !

quinta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2011

Confessions !

As I float on these burning seas, my body does not burn. A different tale is that the one of my soul, who burns in angst and ravishing silence. And at far, I see it all repeating itself, or is it all so close of me? So inside, memories, the wolf howls and I feel the cold on my face, it is the cold hand of fate, a reminder of how I became what I've became.
I have seen happiness, wrath, sorrow, I have seen it all, and I have lost myself amongst all of it.
Yet here I stand, always with a ear to hear and a warm voice to counsel your steps, and of my own demise I make your wisdom, and the price of this you might ask? My heart, my soul and my essence, is it worth it ? You tell me, for you are the one listening to my counsels frail little wanderer - Demigod memories, confessions to a lost wanderer amongst its Realm !

sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2011

Pure !

Push forward, relentlessly, a force upon my voice.
Blood boils, cut the necks contaminate the soils.
Hands touch on decay, doom so sweet, redeemer
Frozen the moon and melted the sun, upon the eyes of the sinner
Caress the blade as it reaps through your flesh, oh so sweet
Oblivion awaits the merciful, the Halls of Stone the brave
Fallen, scarred, beaten, shackled, destroyers of worlds
Brothers of mine in this realm of darkness
I shall scorn any light that trough here passes, and keep this darkness pure!

quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2011

Inside !

Today I stepped towards my bathtub to cleanse myself of these toughts, to ponder underneath the hot water, to let all go away.

The water cleaned more than the body for it is pure, and the soul feels refreshed and the heart renewed. As I came out I took a good look at this body, scarred, tattooed, devious, sinful vessel of a battle hardened soul forged in deceit, demise, decay and destruction, and as I pulled my hair back in front off the mirror, and prepared my razor to take away this beard of mine, while cutting the whites of age and the reds of blood, there in that mirror, inside my eyes deep deep down, I saw myself, I dropped my razor and approached the mirror!
Oh this thing, this other me, it rages on and on inside, screaming, scratching, ravishing my mind, out it wants, out he says, "let me be free". And I will let it be free and fearless, and it will hate and dominate and quarrel, and it will make others scream, and I will be happy, for people and what they are are not to be shackled in rusty chains of the desires of others, living in lies and behind masks of social acceptance, nor should they be deceived by the masks others use in front of them, reap them apart and see behind them, good or bad, it is what it is and it must be true to itself !

sábado, 26 de novembro de 2011

Craving for completion !

I should be feeling happier now, but I don't, it still rules inside myself this feeling of loneliness, of not being complete, and I do not know why !

Well, maybe I do, and so what? I feel tired, of trying and trying and failing!

What is this inside me that craves for something I will never have and makes me fall again and again ?

terça-feira, 22 de novembro de 2011

Mask !

I took off my mask
And screamed at the wind
The time is here for me
I just got too old
Underneath the mask
Its all so empty
And the sun burns my naked face
I just got too old
Sometimes I'm so lost
Sometimes I'm so numb
I just got too dead !

quarta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2011

Balance !

" And at nightfall I set my most beautiful bird free, it is the bird of discord, and every time it sings, mankind will quarrel amongst itself ! What is to be more beautiful than that, my little human friend ? - The Demigod questioned his human friend King Olaf !

Do you call that beautiful? Are you mad? -  King Olaf answered, with his eyes wide opened, a sweating hand and a heartbeat as loud as 1000 war-drums .

You  might see it as madness -the Demigod replied- I prefer to see it as balance, for how would mankind enjoy peace if not by first having a quarrel ? Remember this my friend, mankind has long lost the sense of balance, if there were no darkness, you would be blind with all the light. "  Magnus Soulburners memories on the Demigod's Path !

terça-feira, 8 de novembro de 2011

Letter III

" What is a Demigod if not a being that knows when to sit on his throne of stone, up in the mountains, and see decadence take place amongst the mortals who have set their own path, a path to doom and failure! And those who are to outlive such fate, will climb to his throne and beg for his words, and in return they will have a silent stare." Letter's of the Soulburner

segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

Letter II

"I have summoned myself upon myself, and I have seen humanity as it is, an endless masquerade ball of lies and deceit covered with masks of friendship and sympathy, yet sometimes, just sometimes, someone is strong enough not to wear one, and they will either perish or join the few castaways remaining in this world !" - Letters of Truth and Dare

domingo, 6 de novembro de 2011

Memories II

"And at far I glance clarity, what is this ? A light in my realm of darkness, is it lost? What brings it here? I shall keep it at distance under my watchful sight , for a light entering this realm will either perish or set this realm on fire ! " - Memories Of the Demigod

sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2011

Memories I !

"And as the body's fall, and taint this earth red with blood, I look upon the moon, mesmerized I walk, pushed forwards by the freezing winds. I stumble on something, a hand grabs my feet, its the dying one´s, they do not want to go, and at far the wolf's are howling, oh they howl, and they cry and they mourn, and they rage and the bite and they kill and they pull me towards to join them, and I look at the moon and the moon is red with blood and the world is burnt, and I live, me, the wolfs and the dragon that has burnt the world, we live to carry on...! "

terça-feira, 25 de outubro de 2011

Inevitável !

Inevitável como tudo o é na vida, não perder a esperança num ser que não se compreende, que mata o coração dos outros para não matar o seu, que vive na ilusão de um mundo que não existe, Inevitável é de facto a repetição deste ato até á exaustão do meu ser que já não o é mais !

quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2011

Letter !

" fallen, rejected near his brother, he came to this earth, nor human nor a god, lost in memories, a being forged in the dawn of mankind, a soul that cannot die. With no heart they say, a body with no heart moving silent in our minds, this thing, this Demigod, brings chaos wherever he is, yet he seeks himself on such chaos, why is this my friend? doesn't he know he is never to find his heart again ? " Letter's of the Soulburner

segunda-feira, 17 de outubro de 2011

War Drums !

As the war drums echoes in the air, man clench their fist upon their sword and wife's upon their heart, today husbands will be lost and children will become man at the sight of their forefathers. Only the Demigod losses none, for he has long lost his own heart, only the war drums beat upon his chest, only the wolf and the dragon await him at his throne !

domingo, 9 de outubro de 2011

King !

If there is no soul or heart inside me, what moves me if not hate and darkness ? In a world of decay, he who carries the fire of demise is king on is own sadistic throne, covered with skin and bones of the weak and the eyes of the prophets !!

Aging words from withering, cruel, vicious, ill spirited times roam free on my mind, reaping, crushing, tearing this world apart!

Destruction will bring creation, an impure, blood thirsting creation of wrath !

segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2011

O amanhã !

Ó tu que ai andas, perdido no inferno da tua mente, de coração vazio, alma ardente e revolta!

Segue esse sonho eterno, não o deixes afogar, não o deixes morrer no sal das tuas lágrimas.

Dá-lhe sangue e suor, dá-lhe vida e luta como se não houvesse amanhã, pois o ontem já se foi e o hoje está-se a acabar !

sexta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2011

And now I know why !

Someone once showed me  hate, and them I guess someone almost showed me love, why is it that love, the thing that should make you feel good, seems to be the thing that hurts you the most ?

Thinking on this , now I see why one feeling suppressed the other, hate doesn't make you suffer, it doesn't hurt , it makes others suffer, let them feel pain, I have had my share !

Nothing really matters any more, it seems that I have always been alone, and its time to start enjoying it !

domingo, 11 de setembro de 2011

Delirious !

I sit here now, wandering on who and what have I become, things make no sense, I make no sense, these are indeed times of change!

Under the night sky , raging, yelling, delirious, the wind swept my dreams away, empty I am, and in that emptiness, that void, it seems that I have lost myself from myself, where is it that I am?

Delirious, maybe that is what I have become, delirious with life!

sexta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2011

The Mind and the Heart !

As I lay down naked on the cold ground of the mountain, the wind blows and sweeps my mind away, as if I was a mere leaf.

I travel to distant places, without shape or smell or warmth or cold, I am nothing and I am everything, the wind blows harder, taking me higher and higher, as if I could reach the sun and the moon, my eyes close! I feel everything and everything feels me.

My eyes open, I can feel the warmth of the sun and the grace of the mesmerizing moon.

The wind has stopped, I fall.

Ravenously descending form the righteousness of the sky´s, there is nothing to reach out, the cold ground approaches, there is nothing to feel or ear on this void , my heartbeat rises, life seems so short, in my face a smile is carved and a tear is dropped, I close my eyes hard , wishing nothing has happened.

I reach the ground.

All is quiet, a warm hand touches my face,a whisper on the ear says "this is rebirth, this is renewal, life! ", my eyes open, nothing is there, everything is in my mind, but the voice, that sweet sweet voice, that one is locked upon my heart !

terça-feira, 2 de agosto de 2011

Questions !

I am the rebel son, the scourge of mankind, the nefarious dream of my own self, lost in borders of sanity, rising decaying thoughts on his own shadow.

This Demigod, born  of fire and ice is getting too old, life has branded him, wearied him, consumed him, and at far the stars and the moon watched carefully as the sun tried to revive him, but there is no peace on the Demigod´s head or so it seams.

Where is peace for this creature, where is it that he can rest unbounded to hate and harm, to fight and kill.

segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2011

A new Journey !

"Under the light of the moon, upon a mighty rock I gazed upon mankind and I saw weakness and the inability to make strength from it! Steady on my steps I descented to this realm to share my blood and strengthen old roots !" So the Demigod begins a new journey !

sexta-feira, 10 de junho de 2011


A esperança de vida nunca será alcançada pela certeza da morte, nunca esperarei por essa certeza, nunca ficarei á espera, irei sempre atrás dela, e um dia que a morte me veja, que me tema , pois dela nada eu temo ! - Assim fala o louco ou será antes o sábio disfarçado?

segunda-feira, 6 de junho de 2011

Espelho !

Olho-me ao espelho e perco-me no silêncio dos meus olhos, lá, encontro-me, não como me vejo mas como sou, animal livre senhor de si mesmo. E ao longe ecoam os gritos dos perdidos e nesses encontro-me com um sorriso na cara!

sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

Peace !

" And so the Demigod arrived at his Hall and sat on his stone carved throne.
There he gazed upon the Wolf and the Fairy and felt at peace with himself."

segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2011

No reino do Lobo !

"Salta, salta que eu agarro-te, que sei o que custa cair sem ninguém para agarrar, mas em troca agarra-me tu também para não cairmos os dois!"
Diz o Lobo á Fada de asa magoada em cima da árvore !

Assim começa a história do Lobo, eterna alma do Semideus!

sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2011

Encountering myself !

Fiery mare's ride my mind all night
I ride alongside them in a dragon of might

Feeling the icy wind against my face, freezing,aging, decaying my mind !

The darkness within as swollen all the light.

It is now time for renewal, the uprising of the inner-self , unleashing the beast and letting it feed.
Somehow in all of this, its seems I finally got a hold of it!

segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2011

Inevitavelmente !

Inevitavelmente tudo o que nós temos de bom servirá para nos trazer exatamente o oposto, seja porque se virou contra nós ou porque o perdemos.
A perda de algo assusta sempre, traz desgosto e frieza, tal como a perda da vida em si, no entanto não é a perda de algo que assusta, mas sim o como se perde e o para que caminho se perde, penso eu ser essa a verdadeira questão  e face á incompreensão disto mesmo pela condicionante humana que nos dita o ritmo da vida, nós assim sofremos sem hipótese de nada fazermos.
Já o virar contra, isso sempre nos dá uma hipotese de defesa, de resguardo.
Preferia mil vezes mais que neste mundo caótico se vira-se tudo contra mim, que perder tudo para o caminho errado.

quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2011

Sem coração!

Caio abismo abaixo, negro e vazio, viagem longa até ao seu fundo. Aqui, neste silencio insuportavel onde se estará para sempre só, morre o Homem, não por estar só, mas porque esteve acompanhado, porque tocou a luz e se sentiu quente, porque como todos os outros foi um tolo, julgou poder ser feliz, e nunca o poderá ser.
Inevitavelmente não é esse o destino deste ser, deste corpo danificado de alma retalhada que perdeu o que já á muito devia ter perdido, o seu coração. Sem coração não se sofre, sem coração é-se feliz !

domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Riding the dragons !

In this cold world
dragons rise to be rides of the demigods
ravishing forces reaping the soil
winged tyrants with a fiery heart
"Ye Demigod, and thy dragons, will scourge this earth with what purpose? " asked the little man on top of the hill.
The Demigod riding is dragon approached the man's face, smelled him and said: "Because I am a force of renewal, I am the bringer of fire on which you will reborn! "
And the earth shook , and the waters froze, everything was burnt !

sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2011

Caos !

Death and life, stranded on my eyes

a glimpse of grimness

a vision of decay

touch my skin, touch my soul

leave me in the mountains

these lands are old, and so is my soul

but the heart here will be buried

on ice and frozen dirt

touch my blood, and feel my hunger

it consumes everything around me like hot lava flowing down towards mankind
screaming for more, burning inside.

Madness restrained by a tearless moon of witchcraft and savage beauty
and a warming sun of craving grimness.


Six moons have died
Since the witch took the blood from my heart
Now she feels sorrow , now her breath stops
She drank my blood to feel my life
But for others it is poison in disguise
I lay dead and so does she
Like we where meant to be
My lips draw a smile
Finally dead not alive
I see my brother calling me
finally out of this misery
and again next to him
like we where meant to be.
I stand here now
under the black rain
With a sorrowed heart
In my hand a bloody knife
Screaming for your name
Waiting For The Day Our Blood Binds The Three Of Us
For us are no longer four
Only three lost
In the middle of mankind
Tell me now
Should I face my blood brother
Without a link to his kindred
Or should I fade away like he did at his own time?
Union came Union went
Building it is now my quest
Burning inside like the eternal fire that is my soul.
A promise was made, a brotherhood was
It will be forever
In my heart, in my eyes
Until my soul dies

Change,in blood and insanity
In my eyes the mirror
Death and hate
Hunger for more
Souls at ragnarok fighting for survival
Honor dead at their feet
Burning will
Iced hearts
It Arises once again
hands of the right beheading fools
and of the left waiting for the call
Justice with iron and blood
Marching trough the corpses
Slain tongues of 1000 serpents
No excuse, only death
In my arms the scars of the bite
no more, it ends here.


we are the brothers ...
of destruction and hate
of fire and ice
We are the one..s who feed of anger
Surrounded of darkness and light
our hearts burst in flames
war is upon us
we are the one..s
Listen to the ravens
they talk of our coming
Branded my skin
Carved my soul
War is upon us
We will kill them all

The witch has come
she follows me

it has began

I will choke in my own blood
a ravenous coil of darkness enraging in my mind
this is the way of the misanthrope

The witch has come
she feeds of me

Tear my skin and bones
In my eyes I see stars falling at my feet
its the return of sinful sons

the witch has come
she sets me free

the sleep has gone, time to reveal
tyrants inside me, they forge my soul

Touch my hand little one, feel my blood
destroy and reborn again.


Não tenho palavras ou espaço para comentar tudo o que num breve segundo passa pelo minha mente, assombra-me esta lua que me gela o coração, que me relembra a minha natureza e que tanto transtorno, e por ironia, alegria me causa.

Ando para um lado e para o outro com os meus sentimentos, sempre á merce de outrem, quase como se de meus nada tivessem, mas assim saceio eu esta minha fome de agonia e descrença, de compaixão e compreensão, nesta alma dividida há muito com a lua que me assombra.

domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

A noite é sempre mais bela com uma Lua !

Olá Lua, apareceste-me á minha frente fragilizada, maltratada, abandonada no ceu negro, tocou-te na tua alma a praga negra e crua que te pos neste estado e fez o destino aparecer na tua vida este teu eremita para que renasças das cinzas.

Senti-te e tu viste em mim o que sou, passas-te a mão na minha face e olhas-te nos meus olhos, encontraste-te, sei que não o dizes, tens medo eu sei, mas eu não o tenho e por não o ter te digo o que digo quando contigo estou nesse ceu, nesse momento só nosso em que nos perdemos na alma um do outro, que alma essa senão alma una que dança sob a alçada das estrelas.

Hoje perdi-me em ti e ousei usar aquela palavra que te faz tremer, mas que me sabe tão bem dizer e que me faz sentido expressar, não a temas minha Lua, sou teu, serei sempre sinceridade contigo pois sei que se não o for tu cairás do teu lugar, e este mundo perderá o teu reflexo que acalma as aguas revoltas do meu ser.

Não te perguntes mais porque bate o meu coração assim quando estás comigo, olha antes nos meus olhos que saberás porque tal acontece, sente as minhas mãos e sente o calor que me dás.

Sou eremita, sou lobo, sou semideus, sou génio incompreendido, sou tudo e tudo é teu!

quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2011

Assim o mar se comanda !

E o Eremita ao ver o mar imenso á sua frente diz " Que belo o reflexo desta Lua num mar tão revolto que é o mar da vida, que se acalme este mar, pois é a Lua que lhe comanda e não ao contrario" e assim se acalmou o mar e começou a viagem da vida para o Eremita.

segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

The hermits tale !

"Hit me or Kiss me, But let me feel you"- Said the hermit to the moon.
And the moon reached out and touched his face, a tear fell to the ground, it wasnt sadness, but joy.
The hermit found its soul, and was a hermit no more, he became the stars near the moon.

domingo, 20 de março de 2011

Degelo Lunar !

É nesta terra desolada e gelada chamada coração que um dia a lua me tocou.
Fez-se calor e o gelo derrete, limpa a alma este degelo e de novo vem o calor esquecido.
É o destino de quem já não o tinha, é o renascer, o salto de fé, é desejo enaltecido por ti lua, minha lua que tanto me fazes sorrir.

terça-feira, 1 de março de 2011

Espaço sem tempo !

Ao toque da morte falta o calor da alma, é nesta falha, neste espaço obscuro, intemporal e vazio que habita algo mais do que sou.
É nesses momentos de absentismo, quando outro eu habita este corpo e este eu se evapora para outras terras que me encontro a mim mesmo.
O vazio, a falta do que me rodeia, aquilo a que nunca liguei ou ligo, não sinto falta, estou frio por dentro, morre em mim o que já foi, o que já era, só fica o animal, esse nunca se evapora, esse nunca é frio.

quinta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2011

Solo venenoso!

Esta terra envenena-me, mata-me, engole-me, mastiga-me e cospe- me para um mar de fogo que não é o meu.
Maldito o dia em que abri olho neste poço decadente onde me prendem e se alimentam da minha alma.
Retaliação, revolução, devolvam-me o que é meu, deixem-me ir para casa inteiro.
Não soltem o que não conseguem controlar, não soltem o meu ódio pois esse nem eu consigo acalmar.

Indiferença !

A ausência é algo solitário, mais quando estamos nós ausentes da nossa própria essência. ou será a chamada de algo que não se vê, que nos puxa para fora de nós?
É um grito silencioso que nos consome, é a indiferença que nos cega e a solidão cá dentro, essa é a que nos mata neste mundo corroído por promessas vãs de línguas afiadas e bocas amargas.

É a angustia que bate no meu peito e o escárnio que corre nas minhas veias que me faz assim, homem desalmado, sem sentir nem sorrir, pedra fria que ao tempo resiste!


It is rage.
Anointed spirits haunting my mind, it is hatred in disguise
A leap on the abyss, unknowing the nature of men
Dreadful will be, the day I uncover my eyes for then I will see
It will make you feel the scorn inside me, the ultimate decay of this bliss
Reaping dreams and blood in this circus of lights and shadows.