domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2012

Humanity and the rising of Demigods, creatures of darkened essence and enlightened minds.

"These interweaving mindless fragments of memories that grow deeper and deeper on the mind of the wicked me, asphyxiating the reckoning to a primer divinity inside, corroding the soul, as if acidic virtues were spit upon this skin of mine.
Expectations die, while everything decays on this darker journey, surrounded by withering mindless drones of morality and self-righteousness. - These were the last thoughts of a man, before he became the creature upon all of us.

And before any anticipation the pure, so shielded upon their relentless feeling of duty to bestow order in a creature made of chaos, sin and wickedness, marched upon the planes of their own buried dilemmas to wage war!

And when the time came and the creature was to be cornered between spears of perpetual oblivion and the chasm of its own sanity it said this to humanity : Although you persecute me as if thou I was to be the greater evil, you lack the perception to see within, you say you are solved and at peace, but yet here you are, to make me disappear, and to disappear I will , but from your sight, remember this, I shall live inside you all, lurking, searching for those repressed secrets and feelings inside of you, I shall make you face them not with a spear but with your own very minds, and then you will realize, my soul might be corroded and my heart blackened, but from within I will make you save yourselves and you shall remember me as a peacemaker even if that costs you your very live's !

And humanity was shaken, and their minds became endless mazes of a grimmer reality, and even today when you look at the mirror you can see this creature, this beast inside, and if you survived the maze then you will become greater, nor human, nor god, but a self-made Demigod, surely a darkened one, but also enlightened in the essence of mankind! " - Humanity and the rising of Demigods, creatures of  darkened essence and enlightened minds.

quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012

Dirt and Decay !

And the heart burns, wrapped in barbed wire lining, shrinking, screaming, bleeding. And the soul follows shackled on the iron grip of life, ever so heavy and weary, tearing the body apart, for it is the only thing still living on this place of dirt and decay !

quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2012

Red fires and dark desires !

Red fires and dark desires, reaping on the flesh of the wicked, push the blade deeper, make it vanish on my chest.
Little witch, apprentice of the priestess, ravish my soul and feed it to the meekest !

domingo, 1 de janeiro de 2012

Soul Eater !

Wicked souls on darkened slums, make me ask who I am!
Sinful voices on decaying ruins make me ask who you are!
Where is the moon , the stars, the clouds and the sun on this realm of nothingness? Where is my priestess of mars?
Embracing mistress of old ways, fore teller of my ending days, witness of my own self-destruction ?

One day, one day I'll meet you again, whoever you are, wherever you are  and I'll eat your soul, so that you won't escape me anymore !