domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2011

A hard reality !

"Past the clouds, up in the mountains, shrouded on the withering cold, sitting on a throne of stone, you will find me, with a dragon on my right, a wolf at my feet, and a never ending hunger for the arrival of my priestess. This hunger consumes me, this hunger makes me cold, it makes me more of myself and what an unfortunate event that is towards you humanity, pray then , that her arrival is to be soon"  Chronicles of the Demigod

segunda-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2011

Frio !

Frio maldito este que me recorda de quem já cá não anda, o quanto calor te dei eu!
Quero o outro frio, o frio seco do norte, quero a fogueira e o abrigo, a lua e as estrelas e ao fundo o uivar dos lobos.
Quero-me debruçar no leito do rio em noite de lua cheia e ver o verdadeiro eu refletido na água, sem amarras, solto onde pertenço.
Sou animal sem luz, sou rei e senhor deste reino de pedra, desalmado e queimado, onde os mortos segredam ao ouvido o que não disseram em vida, e os vivos,esses, perdem-se nestes olhos, janelas para um abismo infinito de loucura e angústia a que chamo de minha alma !

quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2011

Where is my desire ?

Its profanity and sin that make the sorrow of this decaying body. All this time words of peace and serenity , where inside ruled war and insanity. So why not let it go outside to play, life is so much more fun with war and pestilence on the air. Smell it , enjoy it humanity, its deeper in you then you might think.

Humanity, such a ...confusing word, ensorcelled in a mist of purity and disgrace, where boundaries are constantly broken, there is nothing left of human in this humanity of yours, words, only powerless words compose your poisonous tongue my dear death, my priestess of mars, poison me and let me rot forever beneath the silver moon of this realm of mine !

quinta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2011

Confessions !

As I float on these burning seas, my body does not burn. A different tale is that the one of my soul, who burns in angst and ravishing silence. And at far, I see it all repeating itself, or is it all so close of me? So inside, memories, the wolf howls and I feel the cold on my face, it is the cold hand of fate, a reminder of how I became what I've became.
I have seen happiness, wrath, sorrow, I have seen it all, and I have lost myself amongst all of it.
Yet here I stand, always with a ear to hear and a warm voice to counsel your steps, and of my own demise I make your wisdom, and the price of this you might ask? My heart, my soul and my essence, is it worth it ? You tell me, for you are the one listening to my counsels frail little wanderer - Demigod memories, confessions to a lost wanderer amongst its Realm !

sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2011

Pure !

Push forward, relentlessly, a force upon my voice.
Blood boils, cut the necks contaminate the soils.
Hands touch on decay, doom so sweet, redeemer
Frozen the moon and melted the sun, upon the eyes of the sinner
Caress the blade as it reaps through your flesh, oh so sweet
Oblivion awaits the merciful, the Halls of Stone the brave
Fallen, scarred, beaten, shackled, destroyers of worlds
Brothers of mine in this realm of darkness
I shall scorn any light that trough here passes, and keep this darkness pure!

quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2011

Inside !

Today I stepped towards my bathtub to cleanse myself of these toughts, to ponder underneath the hot water, to let all go away.

The water cleaned more than the body for it is pure, and the soul feels refreshed and the heart renewed. As I came out I took a good look at this body, scarred, tattooed, devious, sinful vessel of a battle hardened soul forged in deceit, demise, decay and destruction, and as I pulled my hair back in front off the mirror, and prepared my razor to take away this beard of mine, while cutting the whites of age and the reds of blood, there in that mirror, inside my eyes deep deep down, I saw myself, I dropped my razor and approached the mirror!
Oh this thing, this other me, it rages on and on inside, screaming, scratching, ravishing my mind, out it wants, out he says, "let me be free". And I will let it be free and fearless, and it will hate and dominate and quarrel, and it will make others scream, and I will be happy, for people and what they are are not to be shackled in rusty chains of the desires of others, living in lies and behind masks of social acceptance, nor should they be deceived by the masks others use in front of them, reap them apart and see behind them, good or bad, it is what it is and it must be true to itself !