sexta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2011

The Mind and the Heart !

As I lay down naked on the cold ground of the mountain, the wind blows and sweeps my mind away, as if I was a mere leaf.

I travel to distant places, without shape or smell or warmth or cold, I am nothing and I am everything, the wind blows harder, taking me higher and higher, as if I could reach the sun and the moon, my eyes close! I feel everything and everything feels me.

My eyes open, I can feel the warmth of the sun and the grace of the mesmerizing moon.

The wind has stopped, I fall.

Ravenously descending form the righteousness of the sky´s, there is nothing to reach out, the cold ground approaches, there is nothing to feel or ear on this void , my heartbeat rises, life seems so short, in my face a smile is carved and a tear is dropped, I close my eyes hard , wishing nothing has happened.

I reach the ground.

All is quiet, a warm hand touches my face,a whisper on the ear says "this is rebirth, this is renewal, life! ", my eyes open, nothing is there, everything is in my mind, but the voice, that sweet sweet voice, that one is locked upon my heart !

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