sexta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2011

And now I know why !

Someone once showed me  hate, and them I guess someone almost showed me love, why is it that love, the thing that should make you feel good, seems to be the thing that hurts you the most ?

Thinking on this , now I see why one feeling suppressed the other, hate doesn't make you suffer, it doesn't hurt , it makes others suffer, let them feel pain, I have had my share !

Nothing really matters any more, it seems that I have always been alone, and its time to start enjoying it !

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  1. "Someone almost showed me love" (...)
    I guess love only hurts when you feel you don't deserve being loved or when you don't love the other back. It also hurts when you start to hate (the other).
    Hate hurts much more the one who hates, though he / she doesn't realise nor acknowledges that.
    Love and hate come mostly close together. And both are very strong feelings. You rarely hate someone you haven't loved.
    "(..) it seems that I have always been alone"... that's truly sad! That's the worst way of feeling lonely! Maybe you never felt loved... How come?! Was this "almost showed me love" the reason? The "almost" that really hurt you?
    Love also hurts when you're afraid of it or when you're not used to be loved. And it hurts when you feel not being able to love or to love back the same way.
    But... none of us loves in the same way. What really matters is to be able to love.