quarta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2011

Balance !

" And at nightfall I set my most beautiful bird free, it is the bird of discord, and every time it sings, mankind will quarrel amongst itself ! What is to be more beautiful than that, my little human friend ? - The Demigod questioned his human friend King Olaf !

Do you call that beautiful? Are you mad? -  King Olaf answered, with his eyes wide opened, a sweating hand and a heartbeat as loud as 1000 war-drums .

You  might see it as madness -the Demigod replied- I prefer to see it as balance, for how would mankind enjoy peace if not by first having a quarrel ? Remember this my friend, mankind has long lost the sense of balance, if there were no darkness, you would be blind with all the light. "  Magnus Soulburners memories on the Demigod's Path !

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