quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012

Dirt and Decay !

And the heart burns, wrapped in barbed wire lining, shrinking, screaming, bleeding. And the soul follows shackled on the iron grip of life, ever so heavy and weary, tearing the body apart, for it is the only thing still living on this place of dirt and decay !

3 comentários:

  1. I know the feeling...

    "And the heart burns...bleeding"
    "And the soul... tearing the body apart, for it is the only thing still living..." (the only thing we don't even know we own...)

    That's too much pain! That's too much to bear!
    That's just simply not fair!
    That's when I say: "Only pain is real!"

    Let's just keep a bit far away from dirt and decay! Let's try it! It's hard... I know... But... let's do it!
    We are here to live, not to die alive!
    We are here to enjoy life, not to live in pain!
    Fuck pain!
    I'm tired of it!
    Let's live!!!
    Let's dance!

  2. "If you're on thin ice,
    you might as well dance."

    Tom Waits

  3. darkness will always be a part of my life, it'e like blood that rushes trough my veins and fills my heart with sorrow and pain...