domingo, 2 de setembro de 2012

Moon Mistress !

"The moon, the eternal mistress of the Demigods, we cannot resist her, she is that one thing which we cannot live without, and yet it is her that burns our souls with her nightly whispers carrying words of perverted dreams !

You can have a taste of her little mortal man, go out and look at her, let your mind roam free, and in that emptiness you will taste her words !

But unlike you mortal, our moon is calling every night, on and on, and we are meant to touch one day, and few are those who survived, she will tear our soul apart, rip our flesh, and feast in our blood, but the feeling is priceless, the touch of a moon may kill you or strip you from everything, but it will always be her touch that we will miss the most " -  The chronicles of the Demigod

2 comentários:

  1. that's deep, and beautiful and so wright in so many ways...for the moon is and always will be, a woman...

  2. Or then again, all of the opposite things you just said, except the woman part !