terça-feira, 12 de novembro de 2013

Demons !

" At the turn of the moon, Olaf the king, asked the Demigod, what is it that he eats, for he has never seen him eat food, his answer stroke both fear and hope in the heart of the king !

- Mortal friend, I feed on demons, so give me yours so I can feast tonight, and you can rejoice knowing that my hunger makes you a better man and this world a more hopeful on !

- Why hopeful ? - The king asked.

- Because only fearless people can change the course of this world !

- But shouldn't I deal with my own demons?

- Little man- the Demigod said while rising from his throne and reaching for the king's head - let me tell you a secret, never deny help, for demons can be harder than you expect, I should know because I have my own, and the battle inside never gets easier, then again, - He said while laughing- I am not a mortal man ! " - Demons, food of the Immortal soul !

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