terça-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2013

Yule Update !

Hello there !

I know I haven't wrote nothing here for a while, and I'm sorry for that, but it is for a good reason,.
I have been a little busy doing some graphic work and I'm back on doing some music, which as everyone knows its probably two of the things I like to do the most, and speaking of things I like, I have been dating this beautifully gorgeous girl, I must say I'm pretty much in love, there is this constant feeling that we have met before, we just talk and talk for hours and she is a very talented artist.
For the first time I have agreed to be photographed , she can get me really comfortable in front of a camera, and that my friends and followers is a first, also I enjoy seeing her working, is it seeing her doing make up on someone, doing clothes, drawing or taking pictures, she is a very passionate person on what she does and I love her smile !

I have been eating vegetarian food too, and I must say its quite good, I wont become vegetarian, but my food choices have grown a lot, and its healthier too.

What more can I say, its Yule/X-mas, not the best time for me due to some people that died around this time some years ago, I miss them and Ill always keep them on my heart !

Oh, I'll probably start doing some airsoft (google it people), and Ill be doing some courses this next year amongst them a Design one, I'm anxious for that.

So, to all my friends thank you for being always with me, cheering me up and overall existing on my life, I wish you all the best in this festive occasion, may the gods give you all that you wish in your life's !

P.S. I got a cat, and she is growing on me, mainly because my Girlfriend has 3 and she got me to start liking them, just a bit , not too much :P

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