segunda-feira, 19 de junho de 2017

days and days

Days are at work, sometimes with friends, some old, but mainly some new, maybe in the midsts of all this overwhelming feeling of loneliness I might say I have been lucky to have met some nice, good people and showing them around, that does take my mind of myself  for a while.

Yet it seems that is has become exponentially harder to feel, I mean truly feel, mainly to feel appreciated, not by words but by deeds, actions.

I came to wonder on how have I left my mark in this world, is it enough, what more can I do, how will i be remembered?

People will have so much difficulty understanding this, the word and the deed, not thinking on the good, but living in the negative to create more, one might say happiness leaves a person dull, but it does give them so much more of a light hearted posture, but then again, we all have our purpose on this world and mine is set to be on the darker side I suppose.

The end will tell how I fared.

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