sexta-feira, 19 de abril de 2013


"Every Demigod has its own very unique ability and skill set, and no , I will not tell you what are the ones I possess.

But I will tell you this, do not fear, for fear is nothing more that doubts of yourself in yourself, learn more of who you are and  those doubts will disappear, you will also know more of others the more you know of yourself.
And as of this matter, you will see that are several types of people, but very few can tell what type they are, keep in mind to  always be what you are, either for the good or the bad, for the bad is also necessary in life, and even it can do good.

Remember, sometimes those who seem lost are not lost at all, they might just be in a strange path, usually it will be on those paths that you will come to find your essence, you abilities and your skill sets.

May the raven be upon you always and the wolfs by your side !" - Magnus Soulburners memories on the Demigod's Path !

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