terça-feira, 9 de abril de 2013

The Forgotten Balance !

"From Ymir's dead body, Odin created the world. Ymir's blood was the sea; his flesh, the earth; his skull, the sky; his bones, the mountains; his hair, the trees. The new Ymir-based world was Midgard. Ymir's eyebrow was used to fence in the area where mankind would live."

This is the creation of the world we know according to the old Norse beliefs, and I cannot stop thinking on how they understood the world as a living thing so much better than we do nowadays.

It seems humanity lost their awareness that the planet is alive, for it is us and we are it !

These have become strange times, times of need and greed, where kinsman turn on each other to obtain approval of strangers and feelings become cold as winter, but unlike it, this brings no joy.

Yet maybe this will be a turning point, a crossroad for us to decide either to continue like this or to change path, doing whatever it costs to regain balance !

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