terça-feira, 30 de julho de 2013

Wrong turns lead to right destiny's

So, after being sick and with fever (and let us just say me and fever we don't get along, went two times to a ice bath due to it and a third time I got 45º in the middle of nowhere aka my fathers village, maybe I got brain damage from it and that is why I am like I am, who knows?), time comes for recovery, not only of the body and the mind, but maybe of the soul and definitely of the time lost away from the person I love.

Maybe I got sick as lesson for a mistake I almost done recently, on the other hand I also done something for the first time in my life due to the same event, and I must say I would be a jackass if I would have did what I always do, I'm pretty happy with the final decision/outcome, and I most definitely feel that I am with the right person.

I might even say I have found my Priestess Of Mars !

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