domingo, 12 de janeiro de 2014

Leaving myself to rot !

Can´t sleep, so I decided to stand in front of the pc and stare at a somewhat special photo and a bottle of whisky, and no, I don't get drunk to forget, I actually get drunk to remember, and yes it is a weird thing, but sometimes you just have to feel like crap !

But the truth is that I don't want to feel like crap, I just wanted to be happy, and I want to be happy with the person in the photo, and that won't be happening any time soon, It is a karmic issue I guess, I have no idea, but the thing that bother me the most is her inability to see herself , and all the good in her.

This actually makes me feel like I failed somewhere, even though I probably didn't, then again what do I know of life, I guess nothing at all !

Shit, I'm not making any fucking sense, I'm just sad as fuck, my mind cannot comprehend such decisions, and the lack of vision of oneself, but I most respect them, some might say that is the ultimate form of love, when you let go , I might say that I agree, but its fucked up, and that's that.

What is there worthy enough to fight for in this world these days?

Quoting some lyrics from Queens of The Stone Age " I want something good to die for
To make it beautiful to live."  And I believe I found it, but she haven't found herself !

Thus my life gets torn apart, and I should have gotten used to it !

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