domingo, 27 de julho de 2014

Confessions !

How weird it is to love someone that hurt you and is not with you any more, I never thought I would be in this "position" in life.
Love is a strange thing, most of the times unilateral, some people believe it exists, I personally believe it is made between two people that are willing to grow and make the other one grow as well, to support and endure, even when it all goes in to the darkest hour.
I guess this moment in life, this search for peace and understanding is evolution for me, I raised myself to be prepared for conflict, to cut things at the minimum problem, to hate , to make others suffer before they made me any harm.

This new way of seeing things has not been easy for me, it is never easy to connect to yourself and set aside all the bad things that happened to me, the depressive moments, the crave for alcohol, the suicidal daydreaming, all of this haunts me, some days more than others !
It's hard work, but I am trying, because I hope one day I'll become a great man and a better person and maybe, just maybe other people may look at at me and see some form of inspiration for their journey !

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