quarta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2013

Paper, it lives forever !

Where to start...oh well, I'm 30 years old now and things are still weird, the day was a good one, I guess it always is when you are with good company and a good honest talk is in the air, one of the best Bday's in quite some time!

I'll be joining up more friends soon, after all, 30 is a good age to remember with the good people that are in your life.

 I've started to write things in paper again, after years of not doing so, mainly future songs, hope to get them out of paper and in to instruments as soon as possible, maybe its time to get the old writings too!

Now you might ask why did I stopped writing in paper,  if you do ask then its because you don't know paper, paper is alive in its own very peculiar way,  at the very end it holds on to the feeling you gave it when you wrote on it until the end of days, and I guess I didn't want some things to last so much !

 " A man is dead when silence is the only remembrance of all he did in life ! " - The Demigod

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