sábado, 28 de setembro de 2013

Rain, News and Demigods !

The rain, it hypnotizes me, countless minutes pass by and the only thing I can do is to stare at her falling down.
But the thing I miss most is to see it fall in the sea, there is this beach where I went as a kid and where I go at least once a year, and it just makes my mind go places, the simple act of sitting there and watching the rain fall in that place, and I never understood why, I reckon I never will.
How strange is this world where we cannot understand these things and yet they seem to overpower our own will, then again, maybe this is our own will and we just don't know it.

And now the news, The Demigod Chronicles writings are ongoing and it seems that Ill be able to make more sense of these loose words and compress them in one continuous readable project, or at least enough for 1 or 2 small stories for the time being, the only thing I need is someone to draw it , a harder task than I anticipated, but good things come when we least expect !

In a week or so I'll be getting new ink on my body, and there will be photos then, but there will be a part of the Hávamal in it and is one of two tattoos with these old words, I am quite anxious, mainly because every tattoo I have made has meaning and this one will have one of the strongest meanings in my life !
I have also started doing some leather work again, and it will be sold this time, so get your wallets ready, everything is handmade and unique.

I would like to thank my friends, mainly for their support on these not so good times for me, and for the new people for making me see that there are some good people out there including some that actually understand all that I write, and maybe, just maybe, the world might survive !

P.S. I'll be making some stone work too,  looking forward for its appreciation !

"-This strange fog has surrounded us sir, what are we to do ?
-Raise the bridge, close the gates and stay strong for doom is upon us.
- Should we not call him sir? Will he not come to our aid?
-Go to the walls, and look around, he is already here, he is the fog, and help has he sees it, most of the times come in dark manners!" The Fall of Vargstad

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