sexta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2013

Fate and Paths !

Alcohol or cancer, one of these two will kill me one day !

Cancer has been in the family for generations, and is the major death cause for us, the probability of me having it is high, even so if I am to have it, I think I would not want treatment, a man's time is over when it is over.
And to be true, there is almost no purpose for me to exist, I am not saying this because of recent events, ok, maybe I am a little on the half drunk side, still I feel as if there is no purpose to me or my kind of person nowadays, there is a growing feeling inside me of being outdated and not being able to keep pace with something 's and some people.

Now, for the concerned reader, I am not thinking on the terminus of my life, I made a promise on that !

As for the alcohol, old habits are hard to die, mostly due to the way I see life or certain aspects of it, and because for me, it triggers some parts of my person that allow me to remember somethings and forget others, specially whisky.
Yes, whisky takes me places, not the best ones for most people, but even so not being the best of places, they in a strange way feel like home, a feeling that might in the long run be my end, although it would be a good thing in my perception to end this journey feeling at home.

This is not a sad entry on this blog, I see it more as a realistic one, probably more will come as things inside me change to whatever path they must change !

" War and love are never over my friend, both will torment us and leave scars that will last until the end of our days, the only thing one can do is to repair their armour after each battle, and enter the next one more relentless then before " - King Olaf on The Path of Souls

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