quinta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2011

Confessions !

As I float on these burning seas, my body does not burn. A different tale is that the one of my soul, who burns in angst and ravishing silence. And at far, I see it all repeating itself, or is it all so close of me? So inside, memories, the wolf howls and I feel the cold on my face, it is the cold hand of fate, a reminder of how I became what I've became.
I have seen happiness, wrath, sorrow, I have seen it all, and I have lost myself amongst all of it.
Yet here I stand, always with a ear to hear and a warm voice to counsel your steps, and of my own demise I make your wisdom, and the price of this you might ask? My heart, my soul and my essence, is it worth it ? You tell me, for you are the one listening to my counsels frail little wanderer - Demigod memories, confessions to a lost wanderer amongst its Realm !

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