quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2011

Inside !

Today I stepped towards my bathtub to cleanse myself of these toughts, to ponder underneath the hot water, to let all go away.

The water cleaned more than the body for it is pure, and the soul feels refreshed and the heart renewed. As I came out I took a good look at this body, scarred, tattooed, devious, sinful vessel of a battle hardened soul forged in deceit, demise, decay and destruction, and as I pulled my hair back in front off the mirror, and prepared my razor to take away this beard of mine, while cutting the whites of age and the reds of blood, there in that mirror, inside my eyes deep deep down, I saw myself, I dropped my razor and approached the mirror!
Oh this thing, this other me, it rages on and on inside, screaming, scratching, ravishing my mind, out it wants, out he says, "let me be free". And I will let it be free and fearless, and it will hate and dominate and quarrel, and it will make others scream, and I will be happy, for people and what they are are not to be shackled in rusty chains of the desires of others, living in lies and behind masks of social acceptance, nor should they be deceived by the masks others use in front of them, reap them apart and see behind them, good or bad, it is what it is and it must be true to itself !

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