quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2011

Where is my desire ?

Its profanity and sin that make the sorrow of this decaying body. All this time words of peace and serenity , where inside ruled war and insanity. So why not let it go outside to play, life is so much more fun with war and pestilence on the air. Smell it , enjoy it humanity, its deeper in you then you might think.

Humanity, such a ...confusing word, ensorcelled in a mist of purity and disgrace, where boundaries are constantly broken, there is nothing left of human in this humanity of yours, words, only powerless words compose your poisonous tongue my dear death, my priestess of mars, poison me and let me rot forever beneath the silver moon of this realm of mine !

1 comentário:

  1. (Lupa! Precisa-se!!!)

    Bem, isto tem tanto que se lhe diga, que hoje não vou dizer-te nada, a não ser que ordenes ao teu cérebro que pare, por umas horas que seja!