sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

Changing Natures !

Some things just hurt, I mean it, specially when they break a part of you, and you just can't understand why !

It is as if the one that broke that part of you actually never felt nothing, mainly because you are mourning for it and they are not, and it is in these moments that I would give my soul to be as I was years ago and I wouldn't be feeling shit either.

There is a huge mix of liking my most recent me, and wanting to rescue the old one, that same old me that hold on to the concept that we only learn by suffering, and he was right we do, but it would be much less harder to learn with my options than from other people's options.

My most recent me though, seems to be more forgiving, I would even risk saying more compassionate, which in turn ends up just making me feel worse I suppose, because it is a change on my nature !

Strangely I can't stop admiring  how such options can demoralize a person, words that can make your body hurt and your mind to revolve on a never ending spiral of doubt and woe.

Even on their words humans are true to their nature, I wonder when will they ever change it !?

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