domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

Why ?

Why not?
 Old dreams, old thoughts , new mazes, action, reaction, all seems so nonsense , such a big lack of focus on my mind right now !

The only certain thing is that the bottle still has scotch in it and the music keeps on playing, and this one thought keeps haunting my mind, the why, why wasn't I the one dying years ago, why did it had to be you ?
You were stronger, had more knowledge you were so much more of what I will never be.

Why me brother ? I would give my soul to trade with you right now.

I know you always liked to test me, and deep down I know that this is that ultimate test, to live, but you know me, I never liked to fight what I could not see, I feel out of purpose, with no objective, this is very frustrating and I feel that I am reaching my limit .

You once said to me that a man that fights for nothing is as good as dead, so you tell me, what is it worth fighting for nowadays? Because I see no more reason to fight for nothing !

I wished time could go back and you could be here to answer me !

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